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LAT Math Class Now Forming

Heather Waldis
LAT Math Class Now Forming
by Heather Waldis - Wednesday, April 5, 2023, 4:52 PM

The Charles River Training Center is please to offer a live LAT focused math class now enrolling for June! To register, please search for LAT Math or enter the course ID ACC LAT 2123en. Details provided below:

AALAS Prep - LAT Math Seminar

In this 4 week seminar course:

LAS industry workers will follow and practice with a corporate instructor to review, practice, and master mathematical concepts required for the LAT certification exam using Zoom and whiteboards. Participation and interaction is highly encouraged. 

1) Review basic mathematical concepts used in calculations for animal facilities.

2) Convert between the metric system and US system of measurements using the cancel out method.

3) Calculate basic animal facility calculations: area, averages, per diem rates, and total cost.

4) Calculate drug dosages using formulas and ratios.

5). Perform calculation for solutions that include: percent solutions, percent by volume, molar solutions, and normal solutions.