• The Charles River IT Service Desk (ITSD) is available 24 hours a day to assist with basic Campus questions and issues.
  • Level One ITSD staff can assist with basic issues, technical questions or refer you to the Campus Administration team for unresolved problems.
  • By Phone:
    • Asia: +44 187 561 8556
    • Canada: 514 630 2400
    • Europe: +44 187 561 8556
    • France: 0474016918 ext. 6918
    • United Kingdom: 0187 561 8556
    • United States: 781 222 7000
  • Please ensure you note your request is for “Charles River Campus” to ensure proper response.
By default, all learners are assigned Coordinated Universal Time or UTC. This also serves as the system time for Campus.

Once logged into your Campus account, select your Profile

Select Edit Profile

Scroll down to the field Timezone and open the drop-down menu.

Select the time zone based upon the region/continent and city nearest to your location.

Click the Update profile to save your changes
By default, all learners are assigned English (en) as their preferred language at time your account was created?

Once logged into your Campus account, select your Profile

Select Preferred Language

Choose from the available language packs included
  • Dansk/Danish (da)
  • Deutsch/German (de)
  • English (en)
  • English (United States) (en_us)
  • Español/Spanish (International) (es)
  • Français/French (fr)
  • Italiano/Italian (it)
  • Magyar/Hungarian (hu)
  • Nederlands (nl)
  • Polski/Polish (pl)
  • Suomi/Finnish (fi)
  • Svenska/Swedish (sv)
  • العربية/Arabic (ar)
  • עברית/Hebrew (he)
  • 日本語/Japanese (ja)
  • 简体中文/Chinese (Simplified) (zh_cn)
  • 正體中文/Chinese (Traditional) (zhtw)
While we support many languages for navigation. Learning content may not be available in all languages. Please Contact Us (link to Contact) to talk with a Trainer about availability.
A course is the basic unit of learning in Campus that is tracked and reported.

A course may contain many activities (video, quiz, survey, certificate, etc.) which you must complete/pass to finish a course.

Course completion is tracked as a percentage (0% – 100%).

Your assigned/enrolled courses can be found by opening your My Learning Dashboard.
A program is a grouping of courses with a common theme or purpose.

Programs will direct you how to complete individual courses in order or how many must be completed.

Programs will be assigned a start and due date which may require you to complete all requirements before the due date.

Your assigned/enrolled programs can be found by opening your My Learning Dashboard.
Certification are very similar to programs in how they are structured and assigned and are only valid for a period of time once achieved.

After the certification period passes, you must re-certify.

Your assigned/enrolled certifications can be found by opening your My Learning Dashboard.
Competencies are the skills, knowledge and behaviors that you are required to possess and that you may be used to measure performance against.

Your assigned/enrolled competencies can be found by opening your My Learning Dashboard.
Learning plans allow quick and targeted access to relevant learning content. This permits individualized and custom learning and development needs using elearning and seminar activities.

Learning plans can be created by you or your manager. There is an approval process that your manager my complete to activate a learning plan.
Other Evidence are training documents created by learning events and activities outside of Campus which can be stored in the system and linked to related training
A complete list of all training can be viewed and exported form you Record of Learning that is found with your My Learning Dashboard.
Learners can access their Record of Learning within the My Learning Dashboard to see all training records.

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the format of the export file.
  • CSV = Comma Separated Value
  • XLS = Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • PDF = Adobe Acrobat Portable Document File – Select which page orientation you would like (portrait or landscape)

For questions not answered in the Help or FAQ sections, please contact us and submit a training request.