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Revised Course: Problem-Solving Fundamentals

Elton Machholz
Revised Course: Problem-Solving Fundamentals
by Elton Machholz 'EJ' - Tuesday, August 8, 2023, 2:39 PM

The Campus Learning Team is pleased to announce that the course, Problem-Solving Fundamentals, has been revised and a new version released!

About this Course:  Have you ever known someone who seems to have an answer for any challenge? No matter what life throws their way, they take it in stride. While some people may just have a knack for it, the truth is that anyone can develop strong problem-solving skills. 

In this course, you’ll start with a five-step problem-solving process anyone can use. Then, you’ll learn some strategies and behaviors to make problem-solving easier. Finally, you’ll get tips for rising above challenges and barriers that will inevitably come your way.

Intended Audience:  Learners who are project managers, leaders at all levels and those who coordinate large programs and/or projects can benefit from this course.

Duration: 75 minutes

You can use the keyword #problemsolving in the Personal and Professional Development (PPD) category to search for this course and enroll today!  This revised course is the first in a four-part series on problem solving models and skills.