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ALAT Math - New Sessions!

Heather Waldis
ALAT Math - New Sessions!
by Heather Waldis - Tuesday, August 15, 2023, 4:14 PM

ALAT Math is back! New sessions are available for sign up. Each week will cover the mathematical building blocks for the ALAT and the problems will  build on the previous week.  You will need to sign up for each week separately. To enroll and sign up, use the course id ACC ALAT 0178en to access and enroll. Sign up is open! 

Session Dates:

September 6th - Week 1: Introduction and review of metric conversions between the US systems of measurements and basic mathematical processes.

September 8th - Week 2: Continuation of mathematical process and unit conversions including temperature conversions.

September 19th - Week 3: Introduction to chemistry concepts, introduction to ratios  and calculations with dilutions.

September 21st - Week 4: Full review of all concepts and mathematical process with new problems in a full review session.

For questions regarding enrollment and access, contact Heather Waldis -